The Beneficial Effects Of Dark Chocolate On Your Heart And On Weight Loss

By Michel Montignac

The KUNA are a native tribe of Indians who live in the San Blas Archipelago off Panama's north shore.

Researchers had long been intrigued by the extremely low rate of cardiovascular disease among the Kuna people.

In 1997, an epidemiological study (1) put forth the hypothesis that the extremely low cardiovascular death rate observed among the Kuna Indians was linked to the large amount of cocoa they consumed.

A recent scientific study (2) has confirmed this correlation and presented the underlying scientific explanation.

A team of Italian scientists tested 15 healthy adults over a two-week period to compare the metabolic effects of consuming a daily 100g of polyphenols-rich dark chocolate with those resulting from consuming white chocolate which lacks polyphenols. The results were particularly enlightening insofar as they showed that only dark chocolate prevents arteriosclerosis, lowers high-blood pressure and above all reduces resistance to insulin. Increased responsiveness to insulin is, as we well know, one of the factors which contribute to losing weight.

Cocoa-rich dark chocolate with its very low Glycemic Index is thus once more proven to be a truly healthy part of any diet.

(1) Hollenberg NK. « Hypertension in the Kuna of Panama » Hypertension 1997, 29:171-6

(2) Grassi D. « Short-term administration of dark chocolate is followed by significant increase in insulin sensitivity and a decrease in blood pressure in healthy persons » Am. J. Nat. 2005, 81:611-4

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