The Montignac Method

The Concept

The Montignac method is an original nutritional concept aimed at people wishing to:

- lose weight efficiently and lastingly;
- reduce risks of heart failure;
- prevent diabetes.

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The Non-Diet

The Montignac Method is not a diet in the traditional sense of the word. Dieting is limiting the amount of food we eat, something which is practically impossible to do on a long-term basis.
The Montignac Method is special. It proposes a free and balanced way of eating to stay fit. The idea is to change our eating habits: not eat less, just eat better by choosing our food wisely.

Why is the Montignac method the only totally balanced diet ?

High Blood Sugar

For the past 25 years, Michel Montignac has contributed to proving that calories are not, despite common belief, the key factor in gaining weight.
He has, above all else, shown that obesity is related to high blood sugar, an organic disorder indirectly caused by certain types of foods.
Food which fits into the same category and has the amount of calories can cause a person to either gain or to lose weight (it depends). What this means is that calories are not what makes us gain weight.

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Pioneer in Glycemic Indexes (GI)

Michel Montignac was the first person ever to propose (1980s) the use of glycemic indexes for people wanting to lose weight. At the time, glycemic indexes, which had only been experienced in diabetes, were an unknown factor in relation to weight control. Montignac is the top expert in both the theoretical development and practical applications of the GI concept to reduce and prevent metabolic disorders: obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Michel Montignac: the GI pioneer

A Universally-Known Method

Michel Montignac is a well-known specialist in the field of nutrition. His books have been translated into 25 languages and published in 42 countries. His method has been adopted throughout Europe where his books have had record sales (over 18 million copies sold.) His theories have greatly influenced American authors. Three of the biggest bestsellers on dieting, Susanne Sommers’ Eat great, lose weight, Leighton Stewart’s Sugar Buster, and Dr. Agaston’s The South beach diet are inspired and taken from Montignac’s best sellers, Dine out and loose weight and Eat yourself slim …and stay slim !

Scientific Evidence

During the past 15 years, the Montignac Method’s exceptional and lasting results have made the people who have tried it pass on the good word.
Additionally, many of the scientific papers on high blood sugar, hyperinsulinism and glycemic indexes published during the past ten years validate Montignac’s scientific premises.

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