Foie Gras Is the Best Source of Vitamin B9

By Michel Montignac

Folic acid (vitamin B9) is deeply involved in the metabolism of the proteins and genetic supports (DNA, RNA).

It is also involved in the synthesis of the neurotransmitters which play a key role in the brain and nerves metabolism.

A lack of folic acid may trigger anaemia, digestive and neurobiological disturbance. In addition it may increase the rate of homocysteine in the blood which is a cardio vascular risk factor.

For a pregnant woman a lack of B9 may develop serious side effect (intra-uterine growth retardation, increase of the risk of prematurity…)

But according to epidemiological studies, 30 % of women who might be pregnant have a lack of B9.

In addition, one should know that aging may be also responsible for acid folic exhaustion which may explain a slowdown of the brain functioning.

We can find folic acid in many foods but in variable quantities.

The food which conceals the highest quantity of folic acid is Foie Gras. Its content is 15 times higher than meat, fish, dry legumes and whole wheat bread.

Foie gras is of course a festive and occassional food. However, because we are concerned about the well-being of animals , we would recommend the foie gras produced by a Spanish farm that does not practice force-feeding : Sousa & Labourdette  (


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