Integral Bread
  • An exceptional flavour like the authentic taste of bread of bygone days.
  • A never-before-seen recipe that complies 100% with the nutritional principles of the Montignac Method concerning glycaemic index: IG = 34* (can be eaten in all kind of Montignac meals)
  • A traditionally crafted product made using some of the oldest bread-making methods.

Natural ingredients:

  • The special stone-ground organic wholegrain flour is made by small local producers.
  • The yeast is made using age-old techniques.
  • The water comes from nearby mountain springs in the Belledonne chain in Savoy.

An old-fashioned baking process that takes 7 hours:

  • Slow dough mixing which closely reproduces the movements baker made with his arms that results in good mixing (harmonious combining of the ingredients and gradual moisture of the dough), then optimal autolysing (mechanical stretching of the gluten, smoothing and oxygenation of the dough).
  • First fermentationin the dough trough, called « proving » takes place in the atmosphere of the bake house, and it is at this point the dough develops all its elasticity.
  • Hand-shaping results when the dough is taken out by hand, cut into dough rolls and then hand-shaped by the baker.
  • Second fermentation occurs when the dough rolls are placed on the wicker rising trays covered with a linen cloth. They are then totally covered with a cloth to retain the moisture and put aside to rest at approximately 28 °C. The carbon gas produced by the fermentation, i.e., the action of the natural yeast, makes the dough rolls triple in size.
  • Baking of the bread takes place in an old-fashioned oven with a stone floor.


For more information on Montignac type of meals (M Carb, M Gourmand, M Light), please read FAQ n° 4 and n°5.

The long-life version of the Montignac bread is available on

 The saga of integral bread

* calculation made by and approved and independent laboratory

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