Each grain of cereal is a powerhouse of energy, vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients and fiber.  Their high concentration of carbohydrates is an important leveler of blood sugar,  which is why they are meticulously selected in the Montignac Method.

Sugar Free Montignac Mueslis
All cereals in the Montignac mueslis are crushed not puffed to keep the GI down.  The dried fruits (apples, figs and hazelnut) and oilseeds (flax, and marrow seeds) maintain a low GI  muesli while providing a nutritional product. The various fibers included in the Montignac Muesli  significantly balance the intestinal functions.  

A GI below 50 makes it the ideal muesli for a M Carb breakfast in Phase I.

Totally unknown in the West up until the 1990s, quinoa is now to be found in all organic and natural food stores. It is an essential ingredient of the Montignac Method thanks to its extremely low Glycemic Index.

Quinoa is inaccurately classified as a cereal and at a nutritional level it resembles cereals.  Quinoa in fact belongs to the leafy vegetable family (like spinach) and both its grains and leaves are edible.  Quinoa has the advantage that it does not contain gluten. Quinoa can be associated will all Montignac meals (M Carb, M Gourmand, M Light)

Whole Grain Cereals in the Montignac Food-Line
  • Organic rolled oats flakes
  • Organic sugar free muesli
  • Organic whole wheat couscous
  • Organic quinoa
  • Organic brown Basmati rice


For more information on Montignac type of meals (M Carb, M Gourmand, M Light), please read FAQ n° 4 and n°5.


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