Organic Low GI Spaghetti

Discover the Pasta That Helps with Weight Loss, Helps Reduce Blood Glucose Levels


New Recipe, even lower GI!

Now you can indulge while losing weight with spaghetti created by Michel Montignac in accordance with his weight-loss method. While whole-wheat pasta and traditional white pasta have glycemic indexes beween 40 and 55, Montignac spaghetti boasts a GI of 14 - three times lower, thanks to it's selected fibers.

A plate full of flavor, a gift for your waistline!

Montignac Spaghetti offers you . . .

  • All of the taste of Italian durum wheat pasta: Montignac pasta is produced with Italian savoir-faire, with a premium put on taste. Spaghetti fans will love this slightly stronger, nutty flavour made using selected fibers to benefit your waistline.
  • A perfect texture: firm yet tender, Montignac tastes like traditional pasta. The flaxseed fibers impart a geniune brownish color to the spaghetti.
  • A blend of bifidogenic fibers these carefully selected fibers (inuline from agave and flaxseed fibers) preserve your intestinal flora and help reduce blood glucose levels to obtain durable saitety, and help weight loss.
  • Organically produced means the pasta preserves more vitamins and minerals!
  • A GI of 14! Thanks to its unique properties, this is the only spaghetti that can be eaten beginning with Phase 1 of the Montignac Method, with olive oil or Parmesan, and in all kinds of meals (M Carb, M Gourmand and M Light).


For more information on Montignac type of meals (M Carb, M Gourmand, M Light), please read FAQ n° 4 and n°5.

The very low GI Montignac spaghetti can be purchased from our online Montignac Shop.


*Scientifically calculated by an independent and registered laboratory (Agro-Bio France)


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