The saga of integral bread

Integral bread is inextricably associated with the history of the Montignac method!

In his very first book published in 1986, Michel Montignac was the first author to define the concept of integral flour and hence that of the bread made from this flour.

Integral flour is therefore: "flour that has not undergone any screening or sifting, or any refining, and which thus retains the entirety of the cereal’s components"

However, integral flour according to the principals of the Montignac method also implies a type of milling and particle size that gives it a glycaemic index which is the lowest possible there is.

This is why other purposely finely-ground so-called integral flours currently available in health-food shops are not acceptable. Studies have shown that the finer the particle size of the flour, the higher the glycaemic index is. It may even be as high as that of white flour.

Nonetheless, real integral flour complying with the above-mentioned criteria is not the only requirement for making real integral bread. It is indispensible that the bread be made with old-fashioned natural yeast and that the bread-making process be the very slowest possible (more than 6 hours). This is the only way to optimally further reduce the glycaemic index of the finished product.

So, it goes without saying that given these conditions, not one of the falsely labelled “integral” breads sold in organic food shops nowadays is really in line with these essential required principles. The so-called integral breads are even less so, as they are made with flour that is partially sifted, i.e., the bran has been removed. And as for home-made bread made with these pseudo integral flours that are finely ground in the main, and with an excessive amount of yeast, (even more inbread machines), not only do they not comply with the Montignac method principles, but most of them also end up with an end glycaemic index very close to that of white bread.

Twenty years of research

This why for more than twenty years Michel Montignac had looked for talented professional people inm the milling and baking industry, who are capable of understanding and respecting his stringent specifications to make authentic integral flours and also real integral bread, using age-old baking methods and that complies 100% with the method regarding the glycaemic index: IG=34*

The good news is that we have finally uncovered and brought together these different expert know-hows. We are therefore now able to provide all the followers of the Montignac method, as well as all lovers of high nutritional value authentic bread, with an exceptional and revolutionary product, the « authenic Montignac integral bread »

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* calculation made by and approved and independent laboratory

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