The Only Totally Balanced Diet

For years nutritionists sustained that in order to lose weight a person had to stop eating fat foods and should basically only eat carbohydrates. Well, they were wrong and hypocaloric (or low-fat) diets have been a total flop: obesity is 400% more prevalent now than it was in the 1960s.

In the 1970s, the ATKINS diet created a new trend and dietitians went to the other extreme and started advising people to stop eating carbohydrates and start eating fats ad libitum. This is the "low carb" diet which is so popular in Anglo-Saxon countries. People who have followed this low-carb diet lose weight but not lastingly and the cost is enormous: increasing health problems, particularly as concerns cardiovascular risk factors.

Comparatively, the Montignac Method is a perfectly balanced way of losing weight and staying slim while enjoying the wide variety of foods available. It is perfectly balanced because it does not demand that we stop eating carbohydrates and fats. Better yet, it recommends that we eat healthy portions of these foods. The Montignac Method teaches us how to choose our food wisely from these two categories on the basis of simple nutritional criterion:

  • Carbs are chosen on the basis of their Glycemic Indexes (GI). Eating low-GI foods helps us to lose weight more rapidly.
  • Fat foods are chosen on the basis of their cardiovascular repercussions. Certain fats contribute to reducing factors tied to the risks of heart illnesses and help us to lose weight.

Tests carried out with the Montignac Method prove that its results are noteworthy and long-lasting. What’s more, the Montignac Method helps people to reduce certain factors involved in cardiovascular illnesses. By addressing heart failure risks, which are a predominant problem in our modern societies, the Montignac Method is not simply a way to lose weight; it is a means to keeping healthy while enjoying good food. This is possible thanks to the fact that it is based on sientific principles and premises.

The scientific findings on which the Montignac Method is based opens people’s eyes to the perverse foods that have insidiously penetrated contemporary eating habits and, by so doing, helps us all to become aware of our food rights.

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