The so called perfect figure of the models is catastrophe !

By Michel Montignac

A study published recently in the scientific journal «information et diététique» shows that all models have a body mass index far lower than the minimum level. Given their size they fit in the very skinny category.

The article says that what these girls are eating in terms of quantity is almost nothing. Their daily calorie intake range from 500 to 1700 Kcal which is far below their needs which are at least 2000 Kcal .

In addition they constantly make big mistakes such as skipping meals or staying away completely from fat and even protein. Consequently they have a serious lack of vitamins and minerals especially calcium. 60% of them have no more periods which is usually what happens when young women are anorexic.

What’s really worrying is that they are not aware at all of the risk they run for their health.

The authors of this study insist in saying that these facts are very representative of what happens in this emblematic job.

And it is sad and even revolting to see how by forcing the models to have the perfect figures the designers have created a skinny imagery that has become the example to follow by all the girls.

This is why many of them are seriously suffering from anorexia and some may even die from it. This is what unfortunately happened recently to a Brazilian top model.

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