A. Chirila - 38 kg

A. (Romania) lost 38 kg


Following our correspondence I shall try to tell you my story. I hope it will be useful for somebody. I decided to change my lifestyle on 8th January 2007, when I was reading about Montignac method on a romanian site www.idieta.ro. I was diagnosticated with hipothiroidism. I have started with 113 kilos.

My evolution was something like this: 19.01- 107 kg ; 01.02- 103 kg; 01.03 - 98 kg.; 02.04 -94 kg.;  01.05-91 kg; 01.06.-86 kg; 01.07-82 kg.; 01.08- 77kg; 17.08-75 kg. Since that time , my weight changed (+ or - ) with 1 kg. On 18.08.I have started the second phase, being very careful of my weight. Before I started to keep the diet, I had bought the book and  I had read it for 3 times to be sure I understand everything. I respected everything was written there very carefully and I had not any deviation. The Montignac' s recipes , the site www.Montignac.comand the site www.idieta.ro-phorum helped me very much.

I used to have glucidic breakfasts - sometimes 2 lipidic breakfasts/ week- and 2-3 glucidic dinners in a week. I have given up coffee, although I had drunk 4-8 cups of coffee in a day before. For 3 weeks I have given up smoking, too. I have never practished any sport in this time.Recently, I have seen my doctor and he said I am very healthy.And, because he is a little fat and he admired my evolution, I have made him a present: M. Montignac' book. I gifted my fat friends the book, too. And I send some in Canada, to my friends.

If you want to know something about me... My name is Anca Chirila.I live in Galati, Romania. I am 42 years old. I am an engineer and I work as a sales manager. I am 1.72 m. tall. And I look as a normal woman now ( if you need photos before and after send me a mail).

I am very proud of this weight lost and I thank you very much again.
Yours sincerely,

A. Chirila

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