Visnja - 21 kg

Visnja (Russia) - 21 kg in 5 months

Hi Michel, my english is not so great so I hope you all will understand me.! My story starts 31.january this year, with my weight at my highest of 90 kg.  

I am 26 years old with a height of 1,65 mand I just wanted to do something about my ever-growing weight, becouse my wedding it's coming so soon, and I wont to look the best ofcours.

Before 5 years I also have too much kg, 83 but I lose some, and I get to 65, but not on montignac method, 2 years I have all back, and much more.

Than I heard about your diet and I want to try it!   Now, 5 month later I lose 21 kg, now I have 69 kg., and I feel great in my body, and what's inportant in this 5 month I was not hungry even for a one day! My goal is again to have 65 or less if it's possible, but I have all the hope in the world with your method!!!  

With best regards Visnja!!!