Luiza - 37 kg

Luiza (Romania) - 37 kg in 5 months

Hello to all of you looking for results.After reading M. Montignac book I was looking as well on this page and I saw Ramona from Germany and other romanians and I started the diet (I dont think its a diet but a way of life) thinking to my self that if they could I can too and my promise to me was that when I would be slim and healthy as well I would be on the same page with the winners on Montignac website.

Here I am now I am a winner also.I started in may with107 kg at 1.78 and I was obese,now after six months I weight 70 kg,I am normoponderal,I wear fancy,nice clothes ,I walk proud of my sefl on the street ,but I have 3 more kg to loose and I will in the next month because that was my goal 67 kg and I want to respect that and I want it all because I can have it all.I am proud not only with my results but with my family and friends too.

Thank you Michel Montignac for all the books you had written and thank you for giving me back my body and my dignity.To all of you trying to decide what to do to loose weight I say to not think about very much and start by reading Montignac books.I tried it all and I got an ulcer and a big hole in my budget.With Montignac diet I got healthier and I can make economy because you only adjust his knowledges in your every day life and my ulcer is gone.

Good luck to everybody !

Luiza (Romania)